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Limited Edition MULLED WINE Fall Fragrance | Essential Oil Blend | Perfume Oil | Fragrance Oil | Roll On Fragrance | Stocking Stuffer


Fall Fragrance | Pumpkin Spice | Mulled Wine | Mulled Cider | Limited Edition | Essential Oil Blend | Essential Oil Blends | Perfume Oil | Fragrance Oil | Roll On Perfume | Roll On Fragrance | Stocking Stuffer | Natural Perfume


Tired of Fall’s Pumpkin Spice Season after yet another pumpkin spice latte? Be different: try the Limited Edition Mulled Wine Autumn 2016 spice fragrance perfume oil. This roll on perfume is based on medieval mulled wine and mulled cider spices–shoutout to “A Feast of Ice and Fire” Cookbook!

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Aromatherapy Kit of Essential Oil Blends & Meditation Balm Flying Ointment | Aromatherapy Gift | Gift Set | Essential Oil Blends | Spa Kit


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Etsy Shop: PsychicJessica


EMERGENCY psychic reading in less than 1 hour response


I’m Jessica, a psychic, tarot card, astrology, palm reader, spell caster, and spiritual advisor. I have 20 years of experience helping people in all problems of life such as: love, relationships, career, family, and helping you remove all obstacle that’s in your life may it be physical or spiritual. I have helped hundreds of people with relationship problems, guided people through financial issues, and help people with daily issues that we all go through on a daily basis. Allow me to help and guide you past the confusion into a place where you can live, love, peace, and harmony. Stop feeling sad, lonely, lost, and confused. I will help you with common life issues. I use my gift of intuitive intuition to conduct detailed psychic reading. This “sixth sense” provides me with a deeper view into the emotional, physical, and spiritual essence of those seeking readings!

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Etsy Shop:SoulArtColors

Oracle Card Readings Made Easy


I have a beautiful oracle card deck from Art therapist Gabrielle, is made with fairies and colors, but what it is fantastic is that somehow I have a connection to these cards that allows me to hear what your soul wants you to know. The message comes with an exercise to make so that you can contact this specific concept and inspiration.
All my readings come from the heart, I don’t cure physical illness nor give specific dates (even though sometimes numbers mught come to my mind during the readings). There are two possibilities of getting this readings, one is simply I write down an email with the answer for your soul in this moment.
The other possibility is through Skype, which it takes a maximum of 20 minutes, where I show you the card and I let you see me while the process of reading (this way has an extracharge).
My main goal is to talk to persons who are ready to wake up to their soul’s calls, it takes so less to start changing our lifes! and like a magical chain reaction events start rushing us into a new way of living and experiencing Life and all its colors!

In case you want a deeper connection, visit my shop as I do paintings, I channel messages from Archangels and nature and make soul paintings to activate new areas of Life.