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This is lovely!

In a nutshell, this fashionable Star of David Olive Necklace, which I have been creating out of Israel, where I live, blends impressive aesthetic features, the wealth of tradition and the moving meaning of biblical stories, in to a soulful jewelry that you can feel inspired by.

Adama Jewelry is made out of parts of trees that are mentioned in the Bible, and which infuse each jewel with all their symbolic value. Think about Olive biblical trees and their parts as the sacred materials that are full of meaning, beautifully crafted into pieces of jewelry that present you with the kind of value that will always outweigh the concept of price.

My customers feel happy about finding in Adama Jewelry the best principles, stories and traditions embedded into pieces of jewelry that are as iconic as jewelry can ever get – and which make a fashionable statement that spells personality, taste and class.

In a sentence, Adama Jewelry is the gift that keeps on giving – to you or to those whom you offer our jewelry, which is sure to make a glowing and unforgettable gift of aesthetically, moral and spiritual beauty that every person will treasure and feel moved by.

Thank you very much and I hope to soon be shipping your selected necklace!


Necklace is 29.5” long (spread, 15” drop) with a 4” extension
Pendant is 2” wide and the olive leaves are 2” long.
Doll model is 30” tall, shoulders are 14.5” wide.

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