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Portraits and imagination art from Scottish artist


Original Traditional Self-Portrait Painting Depression Young Woman – Portraiture on Canvas People Faces Art Realism Pink Hair Emotive eyes

About the artist  :

Eilidh Morris is a visual artist born in Glasgow in 1991 and currently living in Dundee. They are a graduate of Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design having studied Time-Based Art & Digital Film, and predominately creates paintings and drawings.

Eilidh started painting in their last few years of high school, and was rewarded with a gold medal in Glasgow Museums Annual Art Competition, and having their artwork included in an SQA Exhibition in the Scottish National Gallery in Edinburgh. Their artwork covers a wide range of subjects and styles, but they have a strong passion for making art involving fantasy and surrealism, nature and animals, realism and portraiture, and expressive colour use.

Eilidh has always lived in a fantasy world and grew up with a love of reading and writing fiction, which they still pursue alongside their painting, and this has moulded a very curious and imaginative mind interested in all things weird and bizarre. As well as this, years of introversion and mental illness has truly driven them to be as honest and expressive of their imagination and thought process as possible. At present, Eilidh creates new artwork regularly and is working on their first novel. They are keen to exhibit their work and share their imagination with everyone.


Original Large Self-Portrait Painting Skin defects Anxiety Dermatillomania Expressive Portraiture Art – Weird Outsider Artwork – Bold Face


An original piece based off my experiences and documentation with dermatillomania, a disorder of skin-picking. A symptom of my anxiety I have managed to mostly shake, at least on the face! A personal and powerful portrait freezing my experience in time.
Sized 16″ x 20″ painted with oils and acrylics on canvas.

Paucartambo, Peru – Original river town painting – Landscape Rural artwork – Impressionist gouache & watercolour art 8×11.5″


An original piece on canvas sheet sized 8.3 x 11.6 inches (21cm x 29.5cm), created with watercolours, gouache paint and pencil. Inspired by a photo I took overlooking a river flowing through Paucartambo in Peru.

New destinations – Original landscape figure painting – gouache & watercolour Illustration of girl looking over hills 8×11.5″


An original piece on canvas sheet sized 8.3 x 11.6 inches (21cm x 29.5cm), created with watercolours, gouache paint and pencil. Inspired by a photo overlooking the entrance to the Manu Biosphere Reserve in Peru.

And also these expressive paintings:

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Studying Connections through Photography

Art and travel photography wall art prints in black and white and full color featuring images from locations around the world and close to home as well as more intimate images of human connections.

20×30 Street Art Love


Many other great works….

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