For your dog! charming…

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Original design accessories for dogs- Hair Bowe

These hair bow will bright accent will be a bright accessory for your pet, style more sophisticated and make him stand out in social occasions. Your pet is one of a kind. Don’t hesitate to give him the original look he deserves.

The hairclips comes in a cute gift box, so that you can give your cool gift straight away!

Shipping usually takes 3-5 working days within Europe and 8-16 working days to USA, Canada and other countries.

BETOLLI is a perfect combination of comfort and daring. It embodies originality and sophistication. It’s so you!

RawSimple-Etsy Shop



This is a  CUTEEE!




Shop with full confidence, we will track and take the responsibility of items till they reach you.
RETURNS accepted, please look into shop policies for more details.


PetArtus-Etsy Shop

BEST SELLER SHOP- Dog owners, read…!

Creating Pet Art Gifts for Pet Parents and Animal Lovers!

Rebecca work, you will love these pet ideas…



Coton art, Custom, Personalize, Pet Gift, Print, Dog Art, Pet Art, Pet Memorial


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Designed with love and then carefully matted, this piece comes ready to frame with a gorgeous 1.5” black textured frame making it measure in at 11” x 14” – so it’s just the right fit for a standard 11” x 14” frame.

Carefully hand signed and dated, this illustration will be shipped by USPS First Class postage on the day of your order. It takes 3-4 days to land on your doorstop, depending on how fast (or slow!) the postal system is going that week.

This is a photo of the illustration and it is a low resolution image. It is printed on archival paper with archival ink so that it will not fade.

Do You Need Something More Customized?

If you want to add your own words or need a different silhouette of a pet, I can do you a customized illustration. This is particularly desired for a mixed breed pet or as a memorial to a loved pet who has left special memories.



E-Squared Book

Good book, do you need something to make you smile?



“I absolutely love this book. Pam has combined the humor of Ellen DeGeneres with the wisdom of Deepak Chopra.”
–Jack Canfield

“Your book is beyond spectacular. It’s funny, wise and profound.”
–Dr. Christiane Northrup

Life Connection Magazine is featuring me and E-Squared on the February cover. I’m over-the-moon since last month, the cover was Eckhart Tolle and Jim Carrey. Doesn’t get much better than that.

On January 28, the day the book debuted, I was the featured luminary on Other luminaries who have been featured are Sir Richard Branson, Seth Godin, Guy Laliberte, Mariel Hemingway and Marci Shimoff. Pretty heady company, I’d say. You can read my words or listen to my interview here.

And here’s an article that recently appeared on

These are the spiritual experiments you can prove in E-Squared:

1. There is an invisible energy force or field of infinite possibilities.

2. You impact the field and draw from it according to your beliefs and expectations.

3. You, too, are a field of energy.

4. Whatever you focus on expands.

5. Your connection to the field provides accurate and unlimited guidance.

6. Your thoughts and consciousness impact matter.

7. Your thoughts and consciousness provide the scaffolding for your physical body.

8. You are connected to everything and everyone else in the universe.

9. The universe is limitless, abundant, and strangely accommodating.

Among other things, it teaches people how to drop poundage by doing nothing but changing the focus of their thoughts.

MomAndDadShop-Etsy Shop

Very exclusive etsy shop: MomAndDadShop

Unique coffee mugs that are mainly about dogs

Dachshund Mug – Dad Needs Dachshund And Coffee – Dachshund Gifts – Dachshund Accessories


This is very cute!


Dachshund Mug – This is the perfect Mug – Your gift search is now over!

Bring the smiles with this Dachshund Gifts Coffee Mug. It’s great for your home and makes a very thoughtful gift.
When it’s cold outside, drink tea, coffee, or hot chocolate out of it.
When it’s hot, drink iced coffee, iced tea, or even lemonade!

Some people use their mugs to do even more than drink liquids – we know people who put plants in them, put them on their desks, and even make DIY candles. They love what the mugs say and they want to display them.

We know – who would have thought a mug could be so versatile!?


The thing is, this isn’t just a mug – it’s a statement.

More? HERE

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GratefulHeartMS-Etsy Shop

GratefulHeartMS Etsy Shop

isbl_1680x420-21937302_cjxlfnqaWire Art, Jewelry, and Gifts from Mississippi

Light Green Tree of Life Wire Art Sculpture Suncatcher / Copper Wire Wrap Sun Catcher / Green Quartzite Chip beads / Wire Sculpture Wall Art


* Approx 2.5″ x 3.5″ diameter

* Created with Copper Artistic Wire and Green Dyed Quartzite Chips Stone Beads

Suncatchers and wall art make unique decor for the kitchen, living room, or your office. Green is a color often associated with nature. It is considered soothing and peaceful.

* Hang them from the window using the included suction cup or ribbon
* Hang it on the wall to brighten any room, or as a unique addition to your cubicle
* Use as a special occasion or holiday decoration

Comes with

* Gift Box
* Suction cup for hanging
* Ribbon for hanging


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CreativeMugStudio-Etsy Shop

Coffee, tea mugs with sayings, quotes, funny mugs

Not expensive, Christmas Gifts GIRLS! 

I drink and I know things, Game of Thrones Mug, Coffee Mug, Tea Mug, Funny Mug, Unique Coffee Mug, Gift Idea for Her, Mug Gift Coffee



Love this mug! also the next one !



Come Here Need To Kiss You Mug, Coffee Mug, Tea Mug, Funny Mug, Unique Mug, Creative Mug Studio, Quote Mug, Coffee Cup


Come Here Need To Kiss You Mug, Coffee Mug, Tea Mug, Funny Mug, Unique Mug, Creative Mug Studio, Quote Mug, Coffee Cup



TheCardAndVine-Etsy Shop

Answers & Herbal Solutions to Inspire and Empower


TheCardAndVine, very interesting etsy shop! cutees… 🙂

Limited Edition MULLED WINE Fall Fragrance | Essential Oil Blend | Perfume Oil | Fragrance Oil | Roll On Fragrance | Stocking Stuffer


Fall Fragrance | Pumpkin Spice | Mulled Wine | Mulled Cider | Limited Edition | Essential Oil Blend | Essential Oil Blends | Perfume Oil | Fragrance Oil | Roll On Perfume | Roll On Fragrance | Stocking Stuffer | Natural Perfume


Tired of Fall’s Pumpkin Spice Season after yet another pumpkin spice latte? Be different: try the Limited Edition Mulled Wine Autumn 2016 spice fragrance perfume oil. This roll on perfume is based on medieval mulled wine and mulled cider spices–shoutout to “A Feast of Ice and Fire” Cookbook!

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Aromatherapy Kit of Essential Oil Blends & Meditation Balm Flying Ointment | Aromatherapy Gift | Gift Set | Essential Oil Blends | Spa Kit


Try it!



WoodArtBoxes-Etsy Shop

Wood Art Boxes are unique handcrafted wood products that make great gifts for all occasions.

Electronic ECig Vapor Wood Organizer – EGO charger pass-through Phone Stand


This is a Decorator Jewelry Box ! fantastic…


E- Cigarette Ecig Vapor Vape Stand/Display Wood Organizer


PersonalizedGiftsbyJ-ETSY SHOP

Personalized,Monogrammed, Bridesmaid Gifts, Party Gift

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This makes the perfect gift for the Bride, Bridesmaids, Maid of Honor, Mother of the Bride/Groom, Flower Girl, and Attendants. Look for PersonalizedGiftsbyJ.

It is big enough you can fit all of the DAY OF essentials in here or use it to carry all of the essentials for the weekend.
It also has a handy pocket on one end that is perfect for holding a bottle of water and a handy little pocket on the inside for holding small things.

✿These bags will be embroidered with 1 name or title
✿Each bag can be different.

This is a HUGE ETSY SHOP! 31 346 sales already!


by: Jackie Evans

Production Time:4 weeks production. Then 2 to 5 Days shipping.
4 Weeks is our normal production time.
In some cases we are able to ship these before the current processing time.



Etsy Shop: PsychicJessica


EMERGENCY psychic reading in less than 1 hour response


I’m Jessica, a psychic, tarot card, astrology, palm reader, spell caster, and spiritual advisor. I have 20 years of experience helping people in all problems of life such as: love, relationships, career, family, and helping you remove all obstacle that’s in your life may it be physical or spiritual. I have helped hundreds of people with relationship problems, guided people through financial issues, and help people with daily issues that we all go through on a daily basis. Allow me to help and guide you past the confusion into a place where you can live, love, peace, and harmony. Stop feeling sad, lonely, lost, and confused. I will help you with common life issues. I use my gift of intuitive intuition to conduct detailed psychic reading. This “sixth sense” provides me with a deeper view into the emotional, physical, and spiritual essence of those seeking readings!

Is a fresh Etsy Shop, let s give some likes girls! 🙂

Etsy Shop: MyResumeKit

Resume Templates for Mac & PC – Easy to edit with Word

This is great girls! guess will try also



CV Template Mac or PC | Creative Resume Template Instant Download | Modern CV Design Theme “Nathalie” | Resume with Photo




CV Template | Resume Template + Cover Letter + References | Professional Resume Design | Easy-to-Edit in Word | Resume Template Mac or PC



More ideas:

Resume Template | CV Template + Cover Letter for MS Word | Professional and Creative Resume Design | Easy-to-Edit in Word | For Mac or PC




Katrin Work!



Etsy Shop: Janine Design

Semi precious gemstones and silver artfully crafted.

This bracelet is made of hand cut quartz beads with glass mottled spike beads and spacer beads. Soft natural dark brown leather and a gorgeous silver pewter button clasp with a textured heart in the middle.
8″ long.

Gosh! 🙂

il_fullxfull-1064528415_dh3zProperties of clear Quartz:

“Extremely popular metaphysically, Clear Quartz is the most versatile healing stone among all crystals. Quartz is the most powerful healing stone of the mineral kingdom, able to work on any condition. Clear Quartz is known as the stone of power and amplifies any energy or intention. Clear Quartz protects against negativity, attunes to your higher self, and relieves pain…”

This Lovely Bracelet can be found here

Want more? you can pick your own word  for the next work…

Details here:



MORE from the same DESIGNER:  Janine


About the Author:

I love to craft.

Some of my favorites are jewelry designing, making beads, painting, drawing, decoupage, pottery, you name it. All but sewing. I had a rough time with my sewing machine lately.
I make so much stuff I need to start earning money for all those supplies I buy.

I have been creating jewelry since iI was a young teen. I am constantly changing techniques so I can learn new things. You can see that in the various styles of my jewelry.

I also teach jewelry classes as well. I enjoy it when someone comes into my class saying “I cannot do crafts. My friend dragged me here.” to that “Aha” moment when they get it and they are proud of what they made.

That makes everything I have put into my business worthwhile.



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One of my favourites is:

HERE: Pink Gemstone




Etsy Shop:DreamingArtDE

Paintings and Prints to Dream and Fantasize!

Welcome  to DreamingArtDE

Abstract, modern Paintings and Artprints for your Home and Office


Very delicate work!

Excellent gift or home Décor

Abstract art and all art really, is a reflection of the creative processes that reside in all of us. This is the third painting in a series I called “digital mixed media”

Sizes available for this project:

➪ 11.8 x 15.7″ – 30 x 40 cm – mounted on stretcher
➪ 17.7 x 23.6″ – 45 x 60 cm – mounted on stretcher
➪ 23.6 x 31.5″ – 60 x 80 cm – mounted on stretcher
➪ 29.5 x 39.4 – 75 x 100 cm – unstreched
➪ 35.4 x 47.2″ – 90 x 120 cm – unstreched

No matter which size you choose for your artwork, this whimsical print will be expertly printed with the following specifications:
Epson Ultrachrome K3 inks
Hahnemuehle “Goya Canvas”, 340 g/m², with a silky gloss
mounted on a 0,7″ stretcher and ready to hang




Etsy Shop:SoulArtColors

Oracle Card Readings Made Easy


I have a beautiful oracle card deck from Art therapist Gabrielle, is made with fairies and colors, but what it is fantastic is that somehow I have a connection to these cards that allows me to hear what your soul wants you to know. The message comes with an exercise to make so that you can contact this specific concept and inspiration.
All my readings come from the heart, I don’t cure physical illness nor give specific dates (even though sometimes numbers mught come to my mind during the readings). There are two possibilities of getting this readings, one is simply I write down an email with the answer for your soul in this moment.
The other possibility is through Skype, which it takes a maximum of 20 minutes, where I show you the card and I let you see me while the process of reading (this way has an extracharge).
My main goal is to talk to persons who are ready to wake up to their soul’s calls, it takes so less to start changing our lifes! and like a magical chain reaction events start rushing us into a new way of living and experiencing Life and all its colors!

In case you want a deeper connection, visit my shop as I do paintings, I channel messages from Archangels and nature and make soul paintings to activate new areas of Life.




ETSY SHOP: Cancanscreations


KIDS DREAMS and Printable Quotes!

Do you have children? do no let them see such good things,

they will ask for…. 🙂  this is so GOOD!

The true is: GIVE THEM ALL!

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Snowman Popcorn


Santa Kisses


Santa Kisses -Great Christmas Stocking Stuffer!

The perfect Stocking Stuffer or gift for a friend, co-worker, teacher, etc!

This listing is for ONE package of Santa Kisses!

Bulk orders or a larger quantity available!


ETSY SHOP: DwArtshop

Authentic art Prints & originals

Wonderful Work!

Look after your feelings Hand-crafted -Instant Download (Frames not included)


Look after your Feelings 29,7 cm X 42 cm Can therefore be printed in different sizes

Look after your feelings is a coloured illustration
A happy picture created by Iwona using coloured Pencils
Available only as a digital download


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ETSY SHOP: RINOhomedecor

Wall Decals / Wall Art / Quotes / Wood Sign

This is very interesting! great…wall quotes, sports and much more, take a look and GET MOTIVATED!

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With our decorative Wall decals (sports also !!!), it is easy to create a new look and change the style of a room in a matter of minutes.
They can be used on almost any flat surface ( wall , mirror, window, furniture, metal .. ) . All wall decals are cut from high-quality vinyl. Our vinyl wall decals are customizable and are manufactured in Canada.

Some decals may come in multiple pieces due to the size of the design.
We will include all instructions with your order. Can be applied using a credit card or any plastic card to smooth out the decal onto the wall.